We deliver tangible business value with reduced effort and costs. From project inception to implementation, support and training, our delivery teams bring a rich set of best practices and unmatched SAP expertise. We build strong relationships with our clients to develop a clear understanding of their expectations and help deliver superior results.

Our consulting services support companies in making the best use of SAP ERP application and SAP NetWeaver by implementing innovative SAP and IT technologies.

With Kondor Consulting Services you gain:

  • Best-trained team for the design, implementation and support of SAP software solutions
  • A focus and commitment on project success
  • Innovative and flexible services
  • Lower project expenses

Kondor Consulting Group is dedicated to your success and provides a full range of services that scale to your specific business needs:

Implementing SAP HCM can be a major challenge for companies as they are faced with resourcing, timeline and budget constraints that can lead to typical issues for support team and endless need for external support.

Some of the typical issues faced by SAP Support Team:

  • Solution implemented is a snapshot of the current business requirements
  • Over customized solution
  • Insufficient time and attention is paid to future maintenance – the business WILL change
  • Staff turnover leads to different solutions to the same problem – confusing and time consuming
  • Standards not defined
  • Risk that changes can cause new problems

At Kondor, we possess the best in class industry consultants who provide unbeatable up to date SAP HCM specialist knowledge. We know what works and what doesn't.

Kondor Consulting provide SAP HCM Best Practice Review Sessions that are focused on quick & measurable improvements in SAP HCM configuration, business process reengineering, user procedures and training. Together with our clients we review areas where most errors occur and most redundancy appears.

A typical session takes about 3-5 days depending on scope and focuses on the following:

  • Review configuration to identify areas with incorrect settings that can lead to significant problems
  • Identify areas where enhanced SAP functionality can lead to considerable process improvements
  • Review business processes and compare to SAP's Best Practices repository
  • Provide recommendations for corrections and improvements to deliver quick & measurable results

Within a short period of time we can enhance your existing SAP HCM solution that will help you to achieve full potential from SAP HCM solution, reduce your on-going maintenance and lower total cost of ownership.

To schedule an SAP HCM Best Practise Review Session, please contact us: