We deliver tangible business value with reduced effort and costs. From project inception to implementation, support and training, our delivery teams bring a rich set of best practices and unmatched SAP expertise. We build strong relationships with our clients to develop a clear understanding of their expectations and help deliver superior results.

Our consulting services support companies in making the best use of SAP ERP application and SAP NetWeaver by implementing innovative SAP and IT technologies.

With Kondor Consulting Services you gain:

  • Best-trained team for the design, implementation and support of SAP software solutions
  • A focus and commitment on project success
  • Innovative and flexible services
  • Lower project expenses

Kondor Consulting Group is dedicated to your success and provides a full range of services that scale to your specific business needs:

Managing your people is a top priority, whether you have a handful of employees or run a large multinational firm.

SAP® ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management solution that delivers unmatched global capability.

SAP ERP HCM gives organizations in all industries worldwide the tools needed to manage their most important asset: people.

SAP ERP HCM provides features and functions that can help you manage the following business processes:

Kondor Consulting Group has superior combination of expertise and experience in all SAP HCM modules. With our extensive experience, Kondor Consulting takes SAP HCM to unique level – one that is solidly based on HCM best practices and aligned with your company's strategic goals.

Kondor Consulting SAP HCM team consists of individuals who hold a deep understanding of SAP HCM product and who can help provide solutions for dealing with the complex business challenges that are usually encountered during a SAP HCM implementation. Our consulting team holds a strong foundation on knowing what it takes to integrate HR processes with integrated, holistic, human capital management solutions based on the SAP ERP HCM technology.

Our Service for SAP ERP HCM solution includes:

  • HCM Business Process Analysis
  • SAP HCM Implementation
  • SAP HCM Upgrade
  • SAP HCM Enhancements
  • SAP HCM Support Stack Process
  • Employee Self-Services (SAP ESS) and Manager Self-Services (SAP MSS) Implementation
  • SAP E- Recruiting Implementation
  • SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
  • SAP Canadian Payroll Year End Process
  • SAP HCM Support and Training

Kondor Consulting Group support simple principles during SAP HCM implementation project:

  • Design and implement an accurate, innovative SAP HCM system that meets the needs of our customers.
  • Reduce solution complexity.
  • Use SAP HCM Best Practices.
  • Use Kondor )HR constant approach solution that is maintained 80% in tables and 20% in PY and TE rules.
  • We don’t duplicate SAP functionality, we use Standard SAP functionality.
  • Reduce the number of integration points.
  • Implement SAP HCM solution that is easy to upgrade.
  • Detail configuration documentation.

If you would like to know more about Kondor )HR constant approach solution, please contact us at:

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